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The good thing about T & T Training is the fact they’re so flexible. We’re dealing with life and death situations here and they’ve been absolutely brilliant, continuously revising how they deliver the programme.

Tony Taylor
Customer Contacts Manager Warwickshire Police


Due to demand, T & T Training, the Customer Service Specialists, have been offering an open course in Great Customer Service since 2006. This open course offers an affordable solution to businesses that require a smaller number of staff to be developed, whilst still benefiting from the expertise of our highly skilled customer service trainers.

This course is currently being re-developed. Please Contact us for more details or call 0845 45 99 650 to discuss your requirements.

At the end of the course, delegates will:

  Understand the importance of excellent customer service and the direct impact they can have in delivering this;
  Appreciate the importance of working as a team;
  Recognise how to improve the customer’s experience through improving personal communication skills;
  Gain confidence in handling more difficult customers;
  Develop a personal action plan for delivering excellent customer service.

This highly participative course is designed for anyone who has regular customer contact (either face to face or on the telephone) and wants to develop their skills in delivering excellent customer service.

One day 9.30 am to 4.30pm

This highly participative classroom based course utilises a variety of different learning methods (e.g. group discussion, short lectures and informal exercises/activities) to develop excellent customer service skills. Delegates will receive a gapped workbook as a summary of the training course which they can use for future reference. Below is an outline of the course content:

  What is customer service ?
  Identifying your customers and their expectations
  Postive steps to excellent customer service
  Making a difference
  The importance of communication in the service delivery process
  Barriers to communication
  Projecting a professional first impression
  Using body language
  Making the most of your voice
  Building rapport
  Telephone ettiquette – the do’s and don’ts
  Active listening and questioning skills
  Tips for effective call handling
  Handling complaints and difficult customers
  Closing customer interactions positively
  Personal action planning

£325.00 plus VAT (includes lunch and light refreshments).

One Birdcage Walk, Westminster, Central London SW1H 9JJ

For further information, complete our enquiry form or call us on 0845 45 99 650 to check for availability

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